Thursday, July 20, 2017

RiD (Rock in Defiance)

RiD (Rock in Defiance)

by Pete Clemons

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Ten years since their formation, Coventry band RiD, are the latest ‘local group’ to have a CD album release.

On first encountering this band I was intrigued by the significance of their name. Rock in Definition or maybe Rock in Defiance.

Neither. According to founder members Dave Cooke and Ricky Hogan, it was a protest against the stuff that was going on at the time the band was formed, MP’s expenses fiddling, and the banker’s enormous bonuses scandal that kind of thing. It was also a baulk at the X-factor pop culture. As in, ‘Let's get rid.’

RiD’s CD titled ‘No Way Back’ was launched at the Unicorn Club on Holbrook Lane on Friday 14th July. On first impression the Unicorn Club may appear to be a bit of a strange choice of venue.

But the roots of RiD can be traced back to the Coventry suburb of Holbrooks and so, in effect, the Unicorn Club was entirely the right option.

During their ten years RiD have grown into a band that pulls in its musicianship talents from across the county and beyond and have grown quite dramatically. As well as Coventry the band now come from as far as Birmingham, Kenilworth and Nuneaton.

Celebrating this album launch last Friday were the now settled line-up of Ricky Hogan (Vocals), Kathryn Marsh (Vocals), Jason Riggs (Bass), Tony Cox (Drums/Percussion), Dave Cooke (Rhythm Guitar) James D Nelson (Lead Guitar) and James Finn (Keyboards).

In addition the band were augmented at the gig, as they have been on the album, by the Holbrook’s Horns, namely Lee Taylor and Brian Clarke who between them provided sax and other brass instruments.

What immediately struck me at the Unicorn Club was the competency of the musicians. There was some tremendous soloing, very strong vocals, and a good amount of melody coming off that stage.

The songs are all original with the lyrics generally dealing with the harsh realities of modern life. They tend to leave you with no compromise other than things need to change.

Additionally, the song structures do not follow a single path. They vary in different styles from rock to funk and everything in between. Some of the songs are spearheaded by dual vocals. And on other songs Kathryn fly’s solo. So in that respect RiD are quite unique.

And the great thing about live performance is how differently you tend to interpret songs. For me personally I seemed to connect more with the album hearing it live than I had done listening to it straight off the CD.

The members of RiD are rightfully incredibly proud of their achievements so far. And so they should be. Let’s face it, making music these days, particularly for part time bands, is no mean feat and takes many hours of tim

e and devotion. A labour of love I think it is termed. And in the bands own words: ‘We have worked so hard to get this out there and are very proud of what we've achieved’.

Three singles ‘What You Are’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and ‘Without You’, all from the album, preceded its digital and physical release.

All music can be found on all major download platforms as well as, I think, physical copies of the ‘No Way Back’ album still being available from the band.

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