Trev's Gig Diary 1971

In 1971 Trev Teasdel kept a diary with many gigs noted in it. All in all it gives a glimpse of the Coventry music scene that year. Trev was putting on bands at the Umbrella Club at the time. Broadgate Gnome commented " Your saw 25 bands in one month! Not quite a cultural desert, there then? "

Jan 1 Fri - Booked Fresh Maggots for the Umbrella Club. Didn't go to work The two Jan's came up to the Brolly and did the handouts. Went to Tony's Cross's and then Bazz's.

Jan 2nd Sat - Went to the Umbrella Club - Al Docker's group Tsar were practicing.

Jan 3rd Sun - Went to the Umbrella and to the Plough Club (London Rd.)

Jan 4th Mon - Went to the Umbrella in the evening.

Jan 5th Tues - Went to the Walsgrave (run by Pete Waterman) - Dando Shaft were playing. Asked them to play at the Umbrella. Got lift into town afterwards with Ade Taylor of  Wandering John by April (a Cov Folk rock band).

Jan 6th Weds -Tried to phone Mr Haggard at council about rehearsal rooms for groups. Went to Umbrella in the evening - watched Asgard practice in the little theatre.

Jan 7th Thurs - Last day working at the GEC - Hoorah! Went with Tony Cross to see Satisfaction at Henry's Blues House at the Mercers Arms.

Jan 8th Fri - Organised band night at Umbrella Club with Jessica's Theme.

Jan 9th Sat - Went to the Lanch Poly to see Goliath, Stone the Crows and Indian Summer.
Jan 10th Sun - Went to the Plough club (Silk Disco and band) - Got lift of Chaz Crompton's brother.

Jan 11th Mon - Phoned Mr Haggard to negotiate for rehearsal space for local bands - not in. Phoned Ade Taylor. Got lift home off Chris Jones's bass player - Terry Flanagan. Stayed in at night working on my song lyrics.

Jan 12th Tues - Phoned Mr Haggard re-rehearsal space for bands. Went to Pete Waterman's gig at the Walsgrave - The group called Children were on - we'd had these for the Umbrella. Helped on door duty.

Jan 13th Weds - Did a tour of the Umbrella, Lanch Poly and Rose and Crown with Keyboard player Tony Cross.

Jan 14th Thurs - Went with Tony Cross to see Alan Bown at the Mercers Arms. Meanwhile Traffic were playing at Warwick Uni with Rick Grech on violin.

Jan 15th Fri - Booked Ra Ho Tep for the Umbrella. The two Jan's came up - (they often helped on the door for the band nights.) Meanwhile Gentle (a band from Derby who we'd had on for the Umbrella) were playing at the Plough.

Jan 16th Sat - Harry Boardman playing folk at the Umbrella by I went to the Lanch to see Roy Harper, Lindisfarne and Pisces. at the Lanch Poly. Roy was totally brilliant when he played but got some flack from the crowd for verbling on too much between songs! Had hair trimmed by some lasses at the Umbrella earlier!

Jan 17th Sun - Went to see the New Modern Idiot Grunt Band (Rod Felton and Rob Armstrong) at the Plough Club. lift home of  Chaz Cromton's brother.

Jan 18th Mon Free disco at the Plough but didn't go. Went to the Umbrella instead - talked to Cindy.

Jan 19th Tues - Phoned Mr Haggard again 9.45 am re- rehearsal space for bands - not getting very far. Phoned Whistler - re- gig at the Umbrella. Went to the Walsgrave - Skid Row on - saw the two Jan's there.

Jan 20th Weds - Phone Mr Haggard 10.30am. Evening went to Umbrella and the Tony's Cross's and then to the Jaguar pub in Corporation St.

Jan 21st Thurs - Went to see Climax Chicago Blues Band at Mercers Arms with the two Jans and Tony Cross.

Jan 22nd Fri - Went to the AGM of the Coventry Arts Umbrella (as convener of the Live Music) and after to the Lanch Poly to see some Birmingham bands managed by Jim Simpson of  Henry's Blues House (he discovered Black Sabbath and Indian Summer) they had on Tea and Symphony (who had played the Umbrella), Hannibal, The Dog that Bit People. Meanwhile Dando Shaft and Torqwood played at the Cov Tech College (Near the Butts).

Jan 23rd Sat - Went to the disco at the Lanch for a bop!

Jan 24th Sun - Watched an Omnibus documentary on TV about Chicago Blues and then went to the Plough club. Lift home off keyboard player Martin Barter.

Jan 25th Mon - Stayed in all day and night working on all the songs I'd jotted down while walking home after gigs etc and re-drafting, doing top copies by hand (no computers then!).

Jan 26th Tues - Went to see Barnabus at the Walsgrave - not many there - left early. Phoned Crest Motel for a job interview.

Jan 27th Weds - Went to the Crest Motel for Interview - wages crap - didn't take it. Went to Stoke Library for a session playing all kinds of music and to the Umbrella.

Jan 28th Thurs - Went to see Julian's Treatment at  Mercers Arms and then up to see Al Docker (drummer with Tsar) at his new flat on Stony Stanton Rd.

Jan 29th Fri - Lanch Poly Arts Fest. begins with Priory Street Blues (the road that runs past both the Lanch and the new Cov Cathedral). Went to the Plough Club first -saw a bit of  Tuxedo Junction and then on to the Lanch to see Climax Chicago Blues Band, Arthur Big Boy Crudup (whose song That's Alright Mama - was Elvis's first ever hit), and Brewers Droop. Walked the two Jan's home - kipped at Al Dockers - too knackered to walk the 3 miles home that night.

Jan 30th Sat - Went to see Centipede (new super Jazz outfit) at the Lanch Arts Fest. Went for coffee after with poet  Ian Gage.

Jan 31st Sun - Monty Python's Flying Circus at the Belgrade Theatre as part of the Lanch Arts Fest. Watched Gumbies march from the Lanch to the Belgrade with knotted handkerchiefs on their heads and rolled up trouser legs chanting "I'm a Lumber Jack and I'm Ok"!. Stayed at the Lanch to see  Curved Air, Ivor Cutler and Adrian Henri. Adrian Henri was squashed up against me in the Lanch Bar queue calling to the bar staff to serve as he was due back on stage!

Feb 1st Mon - Monty Python at the Belgrade Theatre. London Gaberieli Brass Ensemble at St. Mary's Hall. (both part of the Lanch Arts Fest.). Dando Shaft at Warwick Uni. However I stayed in writing.

Feb 2nd Tues - Monty Python at Belgrade and Andrea Previn and the London Syphony Orchestra at Cov Cathedral as part of  Lanch fest. Didn't see these though. Lunch time I went to see poet Adrian Mitchell and George McBeth at the Colin Campbell. Very impressed with  Adrian Mitchell  in particular. 2pm went with DJ  Melv Preece to Kersley Colliery for job. Evening saw Gypsy's Kiss  at the Walsgrave.

Feb 3rd Weds - Went to Lanch - met the Jans and others - Leon Russell, Osibisa, Indian Summer and Jonathan Swift. Leon played an interesting version of  Dylan's It takes a lot to Laugh. Indian Summer were on form as usual and Osibisa were infectious with their rhythms. (I have the Lanch Poster to go with this).

Feb 4th Thurs - Colin Tilney Harpsichord Recital  at St Mary's Hall (Part of Lanch fest) Mogul Thrush at the Mercers Arms; Wild Angels at Walsgrave, Late Disco at Lanch. I met Maggie, Chris and Gaynor and saw Tunc at the Umbrella. Then went to see Al Docker.

Feb 5th Fri - Went to see Elton John, Caravan and Skid Row at Lanch fest. Martin Barter and Clive were there.

Feb 6th Sat - Went to Lanch with Al Docker - Strawbs, Ralph McTell and Mr Fox on. Strawbs ran over time and the Lanch pulled the plug on them literally. Wrong to do that to - the Strawbs continued acoustically with congas, Rick Wakeman (who was playing with them then) continued on the grand piano and Dave Cousins on acoustic guitar - the crowd were delighted.

Feb 7th Sun - Ronnie Scott Quintet, John Williams and Nucleus at Lanch but didn't go. Went to see friends and the Umbrella..

Feb 8th Mon - My Birthday - stayed in all day and night (ironically) - no money and snowed in. Worked on a new song in a  Paul Simon style.

Feb 9th Tues - Went to see Indian Summer at the Walsgrave, helped out). They had a stand in bass as the bass player had left. I booked them for the Umbrella. The two Jan's, Sarah, Jackie and Louise and Gene were there and Drummer Steve Harrison. A good night with a big crowd.

Feb 10th Weds - Saw keyboard player Martin Barter of  Coconut Mat - talked about a songwriting liaison - Elton and Bernie style. Stayed in at night working on songs.

Feb 11th Thurs - Dando Shaft at  Mercers Arms but stayed in writing.

Feb 12th Fri - Madam Arno at Umbrella. Went with Steve Harrison to the Village (Colin Campbell) to see Nuneaton band Flood and then on to the Plough to see Lucretia Borgia.

Feb 13th Sat - Steve Harrison asked me to borrow a PA and try vocals and some of my lyrics out with his new band Railroad (with Mick Green and Tony (Mojo) Morgan). They were a new arrangement of The Mick Green Blues Band without Johnny Adams. Got a pissed and we went to the Lanch. The Two Jans showed us some great photos of a Wandering John concert.

Feb 14th Sun - Went to Plough to take some song lyrics to Martin Barter. Bill Campbell who was the bassist with Coconut Mat was there too. The Plough was run by Silk Disco with DJ Jim Twynham who had a car with Silk as the registration. Dando Shaft were playing that evening. Got the address of folk groups Don't Pick a Flower and Music Box (Rob and Colin Armstrong). Colin was later a supporter of the Hobo Workshop.

Feb 15th Mon - Whistler and Pete Brown's Piblokto at Warwick Uni. Didn't go but went to the Umbrella to see if the Indian Summer poster was printer for their gig there and to phone Dando Shaft about the Umbrella gig. Also to arrange the disco with Al and Steve Varney and  Pete Webb Alasterpedo Disco.

Feb 16th Tues - Saw Dando Shaft at the Walsgrave.

Feb 17th Weds - Went to town with  Steve Harrison of  Railroad and then to the Umbrella where I'd arranged for them to practice.

Feb 18th Thurs - Duster Bennett (One man blues band) at Mercers Arms. In the day went with Steve Harrison to  Tony (Mojo) Morgan's house for Railroad practice. Phone Pete Waterman to see if he knew where we could borrow a PA.

Feb 19th Fri - Put  Jessica's Theme on at the Umbrella again. At the Plough they had a special birthday nite - ie only 2/- for the disco.

Feb 20th Sat - Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts and Dada at the Lanch. Went to Bill Campbell's to borrow PA for Railroad  practice in day time.

Feb 21st Sun - Deep Purple and Hardin and York at Cov Theatre. Didn't go but wrote songs in evening and stayed at Al Docker's till late - walked home still working on songs as I walked home to Willenhall using a Jew's harp and a notepad.

Feb 22nd Mon - Medicine Head at Warwick Uni. Railroad practice at Umbrella - to pick up PA from Bill Campbell but PA being used that evening.

Feb 23rd Tues - Elias - at  Walsgrave.

Feb 24th Weds - Worked on the car wash - stayed in writing in the evening.

Feb 25th Thurs - Went to Mercers Arms with the two Jans, Louise and Jackie and others. Medicine Head on with  Keith Relf - The Jans volunteered me to play Jews harp with them using  Keith Relf's mic. Already blogged about it on this site. Tried to book Medicine Head for the Umbrella!

Feb 26th Fri - Went to the Plough to see Flying Hat band. Fang were meanwhile at the Village (Colin Campbell).

Feb 27th Sat - Fairport Convention at the Lanch with  Heron. Railroad  Practice earlier at the Umbrella. Heard Indian Summer LP for the first time.

Feb 28th Sun - Railroad practice at Umbrella. Went to Plough afterwards.

March -

March 1st Mon - Phoned  Whistler - but out.

March 2nd Tues - Phoned Whistler again (to arrange practice at Umbrella). Went to see Flying Hat band at Walsgrave and then to the Umbrella - Bill Walker of  Asgard showed me how to play Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun - on guitar (just starting to learn). Arranged practice at Umbrella for Steve and Bin's trial Jazz rock group.

March 3rd Weds - Went to Umbrella and then Tony Cross's.

March 4th Thurs - Went to Warwick Uni Arts Fest  for tickets and then to Umbrella.

March 5th Fri  Warwick University Arts Festival begins. Read with the Umbrella Poets (2 poems) in the Airport Lounge. Got my introduction to Absurd Theatre with Pinter sketches and short plays by Ionesco and Albee, Beckett, Eliot. Saw Edgar Broughton, High Tide, Indian Summer and The Sorrows. Stayed night at the Uni sleeping in a sleeping bag. In the morning awoke at 5 - listened to Mahler on the union speakers while watching the dawn break to a choral work through Student Union glass windows. Made a big impact on me as did the plays and the street theatre. meanwhile The New Modern Idiot Grunt Band played at the Plough although I obviously didn't go it.

March 6th Sat - Warwick University - saw Folk concert with  Jeremy Taylor, Jo Ann Kelly and April in the evening.

(Diary says Pink Floyd were at the Lanch but the entry is crossed out - not sure if that's because I didn't go or if it was cancelled).

March 7th Sun - Warwick Uni Arts Fest - Watched Sound Poet - Bob Cobbing and saw the Absurd Theatre programme again. In the evening went to the Blues Workshop with Loz Netto. Skin Alley, Pink Fairies, Burbastis, Asgard and Whistler and friends. Loz and I went to the dressing room - Loz keen to have a go on the Pink Fairies Lead guitar. He taught me some lead but the Pink Fairies were having fun blowing up a condom in the men's loos with water. The condom exploded as two besuited academics walked in! Everybody we knew was there over the weekend.

March 8th Mon - Lindisfarne, Ra Ho Tep - John Surman at Warwick Uni but didn't go. Met Loz Netto at the Elephant post in Cov Centre to go through to the Midland Sound Recording Studio. Loz didn't turn up though - so went to Umbrella and then to the Tally Ho and  Tavern with Drummer Steve Harrison.

March 9th Tues - Indian Summer at  The Walsgrave.

March 10th Weds - Heard Indian Summer LP again. Indian Summer and April played the New Tavern. Didn't go. Supposed to be meeting Whistler at the Umbrella (think it was about arranging for them to practice at the Umbrella. They didn't turn up! Took first steps toward a music magazine. Stuck up a musicians wanted poster on the Umbrella reception. So many people were asking me if I knew a bass player or drummer or man with van. I added them to this list and people could find each other. Remember people bringing in copies of  Broadgate Gnome around this time. Took the Warwick Uni poster with the Umbrella Poets on it for posterity. It's now on this blog! Went for a drink with Tony cross and Loz Netto. Seem to think this was the beginning of the idea of their group Love Zeus - which was formed in April.

March 11th Thurs - Jigsaw played the Walsgrave and Gothic Horizon played the Earlsdon Cottage folk club. I stayed in writing however. I was writing about a 150 lyrics a year at this time. Not all survived - there was a paring down and recycling of verses and the keeping of a smaller number of the better ones. With age comes more discernment. 68 to 74 was a prolific period. All my experiences and involvements served my muse. If anyone asked what I did - I never described myself in terms of any job I did - that's what I did. periodic jobs were a means to an end - but the jobs never defined me or my soul! Some people clearly had a problem with that attitude - especially official type people. I had a special word for them - I think it was 'bollocks' .

March 12th Fri - Pete Webb (one of the committee members of the Umbrella launched his new disco - Ameobawith lights and the full rig at the Umbrella. Indian Summer's LP was due for official release that day and so I think tracks were played.Discos at the Umbrella usually went on until about 2 pm and typical albums would be Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd's Ummagumma, Taste, Led Zeppelin, Blodwyn Pig, Santana, Curved Air, king Crimson, Gentle Giant, Moody Blues - Threshold of a Dream, Easy Rider, Hendrix, Free, James Taylor, Beach Boys, ELP, Nice, Deep Purple, Neil Young, Groundhogs, Cohen, Joni Mitchell etc. Left early tough and went to Chris Jones's party at the Craven.

March 13th Sat - Brian Patten at the Umbrella and Indian Summer + Silk Disco at the Cheylesmore Community Centre. Whistler at Wyken Croft Hall. Roger Bear's Kinetic Circus at the Lanch Poly. I went to the Lanch.

March 14th Sun - Stayed in writing, typing and revising songs. (Never was one for watching much telly!).

March 15th Mon - Typed songs up during day. Evening went to Umbrella to collect and distribute posters for gigs.

March 16th Tues - Typed songs during day - went to see  Skid Row at the Walsgrave. Went back to Al Dockers to catch up.

March 17th Weds - Typing Songs a backlog of songs on my sister's typewriter. Evening went to Lanch Cellar bar disco for a bop.

March 18th Thurs - Got tickets for T. Rex  at Lanch. Stayed in at night working on song drafts. Revising material.

March 19th Fri - Early evening Maggies Brithday party at Umbrella with a jam session. Heard Dando Shaft's first LP. Went to see T. Rex at the Lanch along with the National Head Band.
March 20th Sat - Izzie the Push at the Village (Colin Campbell). but went to Lanch Disco. Gave Umbrella posters to the two Jan's to distribute.

March 21st Sun - Went to the Plough and Umbrella. Gaynor took some posters to distribute.

March 22nd Mon - Went to Umbrella - Gaynor took more posters for the Umbrella. Loz Netto and Tony (Mojo) Morgan's group practice. (can't remember which one).

March 23rd Tues - April  (the group) at  Walsgrave (but they had split up).

March 24th Weds - Stayed in.

March 25th Thurs - Raymond Froggett at  Walsgrave. Didn't go. Loz and Tony's group practice.

March 26th - Fri - April (the band) were booked to play at the Umbrella but they rang to say they had split up. (Great shame!). Meanwhile Milestones played the Plough and the New Modern Idiot Grunt band were at the Village. The two Jans and Chris were there and Ade Taylor. We all went to the Wimpy bar after.

March 27th Sat - Mott the Hoople and Amazing Blondell at Lanch. Went with blues guitarist Mick Green. Gaynor brought  Unicorn by  T. Rex for me to listen to.

March 28th Sun - Dave Turner at  Plough. Magna Carta at the Craven Arms. Went to the Umbrella got latest posters to distribute. Borrowed Dando Shaft LP off  Al Docker. Exciting to hear Coventry bands on disc.

March 29th Mon - Stayed in writing and revising new songs.

March 30th Tues - Children (a band we'd had at the Umbrella) played the Walsgrave. I read three poems / lyrics at the Umbrella Poetry and folk session. The beginning of my poetry performing.

March 31st Weds - Stayed in writing.


April 1st Thurs - Pisces at the Earlsdon Cottage but went to the Arts Umbrella.

April 2nd Fri - Fang at Village (Colin Campbell). heard tracks off  Gothic Horizon's LP (Cov contemporary folk band).

April 3rd Sat - Disco at the Lanch Poly. Met up with Chris Jones and the Aggression band

April 4th Sun - Disco at the Plough. Torqwood at the City Arms, Earlsdon. Went to the Umbrella.

April 5th Mon - Geneva Wheel, Fresh Maggots, Whistler, Tzar, Ra Ho Tep - Free concert at the Lanch Poly. Everybody there.

April 6th Tues - Graham Bond and Magic + Pete Waterman at the Walsgrave.

April 7th Weds - Indian Summer, Whistler and Tzar at a Nuneaton School. I went to Umbrella.

April 8th Thurs - Went to Arts Umbrella.

April 9th Fri - Happening at the Kinetic Circus - Birmingham. Went to the Village met with Jackie and Louise and the Jans and Ade Taylor.

April 10th Sat - Met Louise in town then on to the Umbrella.

April 11th Sun - Stayed in writing and revising songs.

April 12th Mon - Went to the Umbrella

April 13th Tues - Indian Summer LP reviewed in Coventry Evening Telegraph. Went to the Walsgrave to see Tiny Clanger and then on to the Umbrella to do a poetry reading (beginning to perform now) - Folk group Toadstool played.

April 14th Weds - Went to Umbrella.

April 15th Thurs - Stayed in writing and revising song lyrics and poems.

April 16th Fri - Saw Lucreatia Borgia at the Village and the on to the Umbrella.

April 17th Sat - Went to the Umbrella - met the drama group - went to the Tally Ho with  Tony Cross, Lyndie, Chaz Crompton and other and then back to Tony's.

April 18th Sun - Went to the Umbrella - began practising Guitar and the piano. Al Docker started me off on Piano. Mostly learning chords so as to start putting my own music to my lyrics.

April 19th Mon - Went to Town met  Jackie and Louise. Later to the Umbrella to practice guitar and piano. Later to Lyndie's with some of the Brooklands drama group etc for coffee and a jam session - a 'mini arts lab' with people writing poems, songs, sketching and discussion all night til dawn.

April 20th Tues - Umbrella Poetry and Folk session - read some poems / lyrics then went to the Thistle for a drink with Esther and Bill.

April 21st Weds - Met Jackie and Louise in town - went to Louise's - wrote her a song 'La La Louise' in a Marc Bolan style walking home 6 miles after missing the last bus.

April 22nd Thurs - Went to Louise's for tea - walked home from Longford to Willenhall.

April 23rd Fri - Met Louise - went to Lanch bar and the Tally Ho. Meanwhile Fresh Maggots on at the Village.

April 24th Sat - Oz Benefit Concert at  Warwick Uni. Trees + Judy Dyble's Penguin Dust with Lol Coxhill and Steve Miller at  Lanch Poly - A good night.

April 25th Sun - Went to Umbrella to check on the booking for Tsar.

April 26th Mon - Went to Umbrella - Attended Executive meeting.

April 27th Tues - Swargas at  Warwick Uni. Roger Williamson at the Umbrella (singer songwriter).

April 28th Weds - Went to Umbrella - Chris Jones and  Loz Netto jamming.

April 29th Thurs - Went to Umbrella - Practising piano and guitar and read Esther and Heather's poems.

April 30th Fri - May Ball at  Warwick Uni. Love Zeus at the Umbrella (Tony Cross / Loz Netto / Al Docker etc.). Went to Lanch Poly after with the two Jans - Indian Summer, Wild Turkey, Titus Groan, Graham Bond, Bronco, Clouds.

May 1st Sat - Practiced Piano and guitar at Umbrella.

May 2nd Sun - Decided to take Guitar and piano practice more serious from this point. Had partial use of Lyndie's Spanish guitar to learn on and the piano at the umbrella. Stayed in at night writing.

May 3rd Mon - Went to Umbrella to see about  Free Concert. (Not sure which one now!). Practicing instruments.

May 4th Tues - Read poems (accompanied myself on Jew's Harp and Bongos) at  Norman Wheatley's Poetry and Folk Session at the Umbrella. Practised instruments afterwards.. Got lift to town in the Acorn's  band van.

May 5th Weds - Practicing at the Umbrella - jammed with jazz drummer Bin on bongos.

May 6th Thurs - Booked Umbrella for the Drum Circle group. Worked on songs on piano.

May 7th Fri- - Tsar's gig at the Umbrella cancelled. There was a jam session instead. Hackensack were at the Plough. Went to late disco at  Lanch with the two Jans.

May 8th Sat - Audience and Trees at Warwick Uni. Went to town in day to met Chris Jones - wanted me to do some lyrics for his band and book a practice at the Umbrella. Met the Jans at the Lanch again.

May 9th Sun - Went to Umbrella to book the room for Chris Jones.

May 10th Mon - Went to Umbrella to practice songs - Esther gave me some piano lessons. Chris Jones never showed up. Talked to Barry Bowerman about his play.

May 11th Tues - Keef Hartley and  Formerly Fat Harry on somewhere - possibly Walsgrave) (Diary doesn't say). Saw Don't Pick a Flower at Umbrella poetry and folk session. Read poems with accompaniment.

May 12th Weds - Went to Organ Centre in Grafton St with Clive and Paul. Think this is where Bob Jackson got his Hammond Organ. Went Umbrella, jammed. Tony Cross and Mick taught me some piano.

May 13th Thurs - Typing songs up all day at Lyndies pad on Umbrella's old typewriter. Evening went to Umbrella - Heather Lovatt's Art Exhibition.

May 14th Fri - Gin House at  Plough. Cliff Cowling (Rock n Roll Pianist) had rock party at Umbrella. Met Chris Jones's Bassist  Terry Flanagan there. Went back to Lyndies and practiced guitar.

May 15th Sat - Michael Chapman / Jo Ann Kelly / Mike Cooper at  Warwick University. Poetry and Folk session at Umbrella.

May 16th Sun - Went the Plough - saw Martin Barter about a potential songwriting collaboration and Clive about forming a band. Clive was willing to perform for the Umbrella Music Marathon I was organising with Lyndie.

May 17th Mon - Pete King from Birmingham came to Umbrella to discuss playing at Umbrella Music Marathon. Getting organised now. Lyndie arranging sleeping arrangements for bands from out of Coventry. The two Jan's were doing posters. Talked to the Umbrella Drum circle. Gaynor helping with publicity and selling tickets for the marathon. To phone Pete Waterman about band contacts.

May 18th Tues - Toadstool playing at the Umbrella poetry and folk - read poems accompanied by my guitar. (basic at this stage!).

May 19th Weds - Went to the Boatyard (Hand in Heart). Met Bazz (bass player) of  Chris Jones Aggression - discussed doing the Music Marathon with him.

May 20th Thurs - Met Terry Watson (Chair of the Umbrella) - sorting receipts and invoices from the Umbrella band nights.

May 21th Fri - Went to Gaynor and Angela's birthday party at  Merrick Lodge.

May 22nd Sat - Genesis and Noir at Warwick Uni. Went to Umbrella was guest DJ until 2am for the disco.

May 23rd Sun - Went to Plough to get my songs back from Martin Barter and tried to get Ra Ho Tep's No for the Music Marathon. Lyndie read through my songs and offered feedback and use of her typewriter to type them all out.

May 24th Mon - Practising at the Umbrella - went back to Lyndie's in Barras Lane to plan Music Marathon.
May 25th Tues - Warm Dust - at Warwick University. Singer Songwriter Roger Williamson at the Umbrella Poetry and Folk. Performed some poems and lyrics. Did a cool collage for Lyndies' flat.

May 26th Weds - Went to Kongoni Cafe in city centre to talk to Martin Barter about the Music Marathon gig.

May 27th Thurs - Went to see Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back and  Joan Baez's JOAN at the Odeon. Then to the Umbrella to practice while Heather painted Lyndie.

May 28th Fri - Practicing at the Umbrella.

May 29th Sat - Practicing at Umbrella - went for drink with Heather and Lyndie.

May 30th Sun - Our proposed free Whitsun concert canceled - problems at the Umbrella. Met Heather at the City Arms - Rod Felton was playing.

May 31st Mon - Practicing piano - Al Docker played  Martha My Dear; Obladi Oblada by the Beatles and Careful with that Axe Eugene on Piano and taught me some chords and bass parts. Heather loaned me Full House by Fairport Convention and I loaned poet Ian Gage Deep Purple in Concert with the Philharmonic.

June 1st Tues - Spyder were due to perform for Arts Umbrella Poetry and Folk. We stayed at Lyndies place in Barras Lane, people were writing poems, songs, painting and drawing and being creative well until dawn. Wrote a song lyric about it called  It's All Happening at Lyndie's Mini Arts Lab
June 2nd Weds - Umbrella Club were told we didn't have local authority clearance to hold the 2nd Music Marathon at the Umbrella advised to checkout other locations. Lyndie and I went to the Memorial Park and then to the Charterhouse, met with the representatives of the police and fire brigade and local authority. They envisaged the simple Umbrella based Music Marathon (like the first relatively small affair) as if we were proposing a full blown pop festival. Nothing we could say could deter them from that mind-set! They mentioned major traffic concerns and all kinds of things that just weren't of the scale of what we were proposing - the scale was the usual small Umbrella fare that had no problems when ran a year or so back. Lyndie argued the case but they called us 'naive' and then told us to scale down. WHAT! - It was they that scaled it up in the first place. Much annoyance and frustration was felt after a lot of unseen work had gone into organising it and priming bands and musicians for it. I practiced piano for a while at the Umbrella and then went to Lyndie's to see if we could rescue it some how.

June 3rd Thurs - Went to Charterhouse - we hadn't given in, to Cathedral refectory and other places exploring alternative venues. Still working on the project. Went for drink in the Thistle to chill out in evening.

June 4th Fri - Dando Shaft were playing at the Village. Met Jackie and the Jan's at the Village. Village gave me Ra Ho Tep number - to involve them in the Music Marathon (if a new venue could be found). We all went up the Umbrella after.

June 5th Sat - Proposed Free Concert (Can't remember too much about this but it was crossed out in my diary). Ra Ho Tep phoned me at the Umbrella. Went to the Village again.

June 6th Sun - Went to the City Arms (Earlsdon) to see Rod Felton perform. Went to the Plough club and the Tavern.

June 7th Mon - Typed my songs up at Lyndie's on the Umbrella's type writer.

June 8th Tues - Met Dave (Byron) Reed and Jackie. Went to Tech College; Deaf Centre; Henley on Marathon Business and then to Lyndie's to report back on  Music Marathon.

June 9th Weds - Lyndie went to London and left me a 'to do' list for the Music Marathon.

June 10th Thurs - Helped  Lyndie rehearse her lines for her play Bretch's Good Women of Schezwan at Brookland's Annexe. Phoned the Deaf Centre and more work on the Music Marathon.

June 11th Fri - Went to Birmingham for Lyndie - met her friend Jan and went back to Kings Norton - listen to Basket of Light by Pentangle. Went back to Steve's of  Ascension (one of the Birmingham bands) Stayed over. Steve taught me some bits on guitar. For the first time I wrote a song on guitar, words and music and alternating bass line. It wasn't the bees knees but it was good progress.

June 12th Sat - Back from Birmingham. Helped Lyndie rehearse lines for play and wrote another song.

June 13th Sun - Went to Plough and then Umbrella. Clive taught me of the Indian Summer riffs on piano.

June 14th Mon - Still negotiating with the Deaf club for a venue. Practiced piano at  Umbrella and tested Lyndie on her lines for the Bretch Play, typed more of my songs.

June 15th Tues - Typed more songs and practiced piano. Went to Walsgrave. It was a changed scene.

June 16th Weds - Typed more songs and practiced piano.

June 17th Thurs - Typed and wrote songs. Watched Tsar practise at  Umbrella in little theatre. Went for a drink with Heather in Thistle to talk about the Poetry and folk nights. Went to see Lyndie's play at Brooklands Annexe- got great review in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. Lyndie gave me good feedback on my poems and I read through some of hers. We talked about literature and I looked through some of the books on her self - she was studying literature and my knowledge started to go beyond rock poets.

June 18th Fri - Went to Lyndie's play again.

June 19th Sat - Went to party in Birmingham - Ascension. Learnt some more guitar off Steve.

June 20th Sun - Had stayed over in Birmingham - wrote another song while there.

June 21st Mon - Stayed in Birmingham. It was looking like our best efforts had been thwarted about the Marathon. Getting a suitable venue was proving difficult as the the weekend marathon would go on all weekend all night. It worked before at the Umbrella but the Umbrella at that time was used to gigs that went on late. Other venues were more normalised! we'd gotten a lot of support from bands and music fans but not any support from the venues or the powers that be. And yet it was a positive thing, providing bands with gigs and young people with a bit of culture.

June 22nd Tues - Still in Birmingham - went to Cannon Hill Park Arts Centre with Jan for the first time. later would write some pieces that formed a musical installation performance piece in the early 80's which we performed all around Teesside and Sheffield etc.

June 23rd Weds - Came back to Coventry.

June 24th Thurs - The Music Marathon was off - nothing was going to give - wrote to all the groups and those who had showed support both in Cov and Birmingham. Don't ask how it felt after a lot of hard work trying to promote Cov music. We went to the pub!

June 25th Fri - Went to the Umbrella - breaking the news of the Music Marathon to Heather and the two Jan's who had shown support. Introduced Heather to the mysteries of  Jew's Harp as arol had done for me a year before at the Umbrella! There was a low-key feeling all around.

June 26th Sat - Still phoning around groups and supporters of the Music Marathon.

June 27th Sun - Practiced piano - went to Plough.

June 28th Mon - Went to Lyndie's still tying up ends of the Music Marathon.

June 29th Tues - Went to see Love Zeus at the Belgrade Theatre. Tony Cross, Loz Netto, Al Docker 's band and a girl singer / violinist. What a great band I thought. They split up sometime after though - as band's do!

June 30th Weds - Went home and then to Lyndie's. In a day or two we would move to Birmingham for the summer in communal house occupied by the singer of Birmingham band Ascension. Needed a change of environment. Everyone was pretty much disappointed about the Music Marathon.