Trev's Diary Pt2

Trev's 1971 Diary continued from July

July 1st Thurs - Stayed at Lyndie's - we decided to move to Birmingham for the summer, in the Ascension (band -singers) communal house, Vicarage Rd. Kings Heath.

July 2nd Fri - Music Marathon was supposed to be this weekend but we were moving to Brum next day instead. Too many forces working against it. Love Zeus (Tony Cross / Loz Netto / Al Docker etc at Belgrade Theatre. Went to see it, got in free of course!

July 3rd Sat - Free Hyde Park Concert with  Humble Pie and Grand Funk Railroad but we moved to Birmingham. DJ Steve Varney took us through in his Disco Van. We all went to the Bull in Moseley in the evening.

July 4th Sun - Mick and the Varney's and others came through from the Umbrella. Music sessions.

July 5th Mon - Wrote a couple of lyrics and the start of saga poem.

July 6th Tues - Went to the Bull in Moseley in the evening. Exploring Birmingham in the day.

July 7th Weds - Went to Cov to get my things from home.

July 8th Thurs - Went exploring Brum and to the Bull in the evening.

July 9th Fri - Stayed in writing

July 10th Sat - Sue came through from Stirchley. She was to become a life-long friend.

July 11th Sun - Went to the Midland Arts Centre - Cannon Hill Park for the first time and then to the Bull in Moseley.

July 12th Mon - Went exploring Birmingham again.

July 13th Tues - Went shopping in Brum with sue and to her house. We jammed on some Donovan songs that she knew. Turquoise and others.

July 14th Weds - Went to Cov, to Lyndie's home in Kenilworth. Then to the Lanch, Golden Cross and Tally Ho with Hilary (AKA Egg), back to Brum.

July 15th Thurs - Hillfields Festival in Cov. Fresh Maggots at  Circles in Cov. John Hadley and Crumb and Steve Brimstone came to stay at the house. They had been down on the musical beaches of Cornwall where Donovan had held court. They played a lot in open tuning. The musical sessions went on all night.

July 16th Fri - Went various places in Birmingham with Sue. All night music sessions again - started to learn a few things in Open E, Open D and Open G guitar tunings. Hopeless at tuning to them myself though. Great sitar type sounds and John Hadley had a beautiful Melodic song in Open G called Wish I wouldn't waste my time with youdedicated to someone who was stringing his along.

July 17th Sat - Went to the Bull in Moseley with Lanch and Mick who come through from the Umbrella.

July 18th Sun - Guitar sessions with  John Hadley and Steve Brimstone.

July 19th Mon - Typing and writing songs - guitar sessions in the evening.

July 20th Tues - Typed songs and went to Moseley Village.

July 21st Weds - Went to Cov - Met Mick and Lance - also Mick Green of the Mick Green Blues Band. Went to Cross, Lanch Tally Ho. Catch up on Coventry.

July 22nd Thurs - Typed songs and wrote a couple with  John Hadley.

July 23rd Fri - Went to Moseley and the Cannon Hill Park Arts Centre with Lance and John Hadley. Pete King doing the disco there. Then for a walk in Kings Heath Park (ATV did the Gardening programme from there).

July 24th Sat - Decorating the house. Landlord upset because we didn't paint the walls white!

July 25th Sun - Lyndie cooking Brown Rice meals for everyone. Wrote another song with John Hadley.

July 26th Mon - John and Crumb left. Went to Brum with Steve Brimstone.

July 27th Tues - Typing songs, practicing guitar

July 28th Weds - Walked around Moseley, Cannon Hill park, Stirchely, Selly Park exploring. Wrote the first part of Cannon Hill Soliloquy which was added to annually for many years on subsequent visits and became a multi-media installation in 1981 when I moved to Teesside - with the Euclidean Mushroom Band at  Teesside Polytech.

July 29ths Thurs - Went to Selly Park with Steve Brimstone. Writing songs, playing music in the evening.

July 30th Fri - Went to check the Birmingham Poetry Society out. Bought some of their magazines. Lyndie helped me type lyrics and poems up to submit to the next edition.

July 31st Sat - Meanwhile back at the Umbrella club - Poet Geoff Pegg holding his farewell party. Wasn't able to go. Did gardening in Brum.

August 1 Sun - Gardening at Vicarage Rd Birmingham.

August 2nd Mon - Became a member of the the Midland Arts Centre - Cannon Hill Park.

August 3rd Tues - Stayed in writing.

August 4th Weds - Stayed writing songs.

August 5th Thurs - Walked to Selly Park - round by Cadbury's. Thundered. Musician, Mus came around.

August 6th Fri - Vandergraffe Generator at  Mayfair. I bought the album in Cov in 1970 but didn't go to see them - a money thing! Went to Cov with Jan - to Umbrella, Golden Cross, Plough, Village, Wimpy bar and back to Brum in the evening.

August 7th Sat- Stayed in working on lyrics and poems.

August 8th Sun - Went to the Arts Centre Cannon Hill Park - Disco with Jan and Steve of Ascension. Met Richard. Lyndie went to London.

August 9th Mon - Stayed in writing / playing guitar.

August 10th Tues - Went to see Gypsy at  Henry's Blues House in Birmingham. Gypsy didn't turn up but were replaced by Creation. Surprised to see Al Docker was roadying for them.

August 11th Weds -HannibalJim Simpson band ) played bongos with them.

August 12th Thurs - Ascension came around to the house - Lyndie down in Reading for the festival.

August 13th Fri - Lindisfarne at  Mayfair in Brum. Didn't go.

August 14th Saturday- Crumb at party in upstairs flat.

August 15th Sun - Free concert at Cannon Hill Arts Centre - we all went - Edgar Broughton, Tea and Symphony, Stepmother, Brewer's Droop. Meanwhile Comus were on at Henry's Blues House in evening + 2 guys on piano, guitar and flute. Al Docker with  Creation. Tea and Symphony and Edgar went with Steve of Ascension and Crumb. John Hadley and  Steve Brimstone came back from their travels that night. Lyndie and Sue came to the Blues House too.

August 16th Mon - Watched Monty Python in the upstairs flat.

August 17th Tues - Pete Brown at  Henry's Blues House - Went with Crumb to see him.

August 18th Weds - Lyndie typed my poems on her typewriter for submission to the Birmingham Poetry Society Magazine. Played guitar - Sue came around.

August 19th Thurs - Lyndie typed some of the song lyrics too. Pete King came over from Coventry - gave me stickers for a Coventry Concert to sell.

August 20th Fri - Argument in the house - Crumb and John were told that if they stayed any longer - they would have to contribute to the rent. Something along those lines. We watched  Dracula on the TV in the upstairs flat. The guy in the upstairs flat had the only TV. He was a Beefheart Fan with broad Brummie accent, had very long hair and wore a Beefheart style top hat! He also worked at ATV in the daytime doing the mixing for Bob Monkhouse's Golden Shot!

August 21st Sat - Crumb left early in the morning. Muffin brought Lyndie a  Ralph McTell album around. I played Electric guitar. Most of the acoustics were tuned to open E or Open G tuning most of the time. Crosby Stills and Nash were an influence on that. Also Steve Brimstone and John Hadley had been down to the beaches in Cornwall where Donovan had held court in the 60's - jamming and playing songs there.

August 22nd Sun - Sue came around - we went for a walk around Kings Heath and Cannon Hill Park and had fun.

August 23rd Mon - Stayed in writing and revising work. Watched Monty Python in the evening. Lyndie went back down to London.

August 24th Tues - Went to Henry's Blues House with Steve Brimstone to see Trapeze. Tried to sell tickets for a Coventry Concert.

August 25th Weds - John asked me to help him write some lyrics to one of his open tuned songs - we worked on that. Sue came around in the evening - we had fun.

August 26th Thurs - Went to Cov with Lyndie. Went to see Keyboard player Tony Cross. Lyndie went to see her mother in Kenilworth. I went to the Umbrella and then to see Brandy - Charlie Bullen's group (Charley was a guitarist with Al Docker's group Tsar. I stayed over at Al Docker's flat in Cov.

August 27th Fri - Met  Lyndie at the Wimpy bar. Looked for house in Cov - need to move back soon - Lyndie still at Brooklands Annexe during term time and summer nearly over. Sue was going to move over to Cov too but the house had gone. Watched  Tony Cross's group at the Lanch - (may have been Love Zeus - Al Docker and  Loz Netto were in this). Went to Umbrella and then back to Birmingham late evening.

August 28th Sat - Went to a gig at the Bull in Moseley with Sue.

August 29th Sun - Went to Sue's place in evening - worked on her art project for college.

August 30th Mon - Sue came around for Dinner. Barry Bowerman and Graham came over from Cov. Went with  Sue to the Arts centre and then for a Curry in the Star of Pakistan. Saw Strife and  Linda Lewis and Toad Catching Rabbit at Arts Centre. Very impressed with Linda Lewis.

August 31st Tues - Lyndie went to Cov. Wrote some songs and poems.

September 1st Weds - Things getting heavy in the house - not a good atmosphere.

September 2nd Thurs - Read Hobbit.

September 3rd Fri - Lyndie cut my hair (not too short though!)

September 4th Sat - Read various books while in Birmingham eg - Brave New World; John Wyndham books; 1984; volumes of modern Love poetry which included poems by Pete Brown (Cream lyricist). Birmingham poetry magazines.

September 5th Sun - Reading and writing.

September 6th Mon - Went into Brum with Steve Brimstone - to the museum and art gallery. We listened in the evening to Dando Shaft's new LP on RCA Neon - Brilliant. I knew all the songs from seeing them live so often. Steve Knopinski (Ascension) had hair cut!.

September 7th Tues - Lyndie moved back to Cov staying temporarily at Barry Bowerman's / Ron Morgan's place - Whitefriars Gatehouse. Dando Shaft doing a self-composed opera at the Belgrade Theatre for 3 weeks. Went to a gig with Steve Knopinski and Steve Brimstone. Can't remember where or who we saw - not noted in the diary.

September 8th Weds - Barry Bowerman trying to get us a place back in Cov through a landlord he knew.

September 9th Thurs - Went to the museum with Steve Brimstone. In the evening went to Bromsgrove with Steve Brimstone and Jan and Lyndie to see Steve's Father - Derek Brimstone for the first time at the Marlbrook. Derek was an excellent guitar player and a great sense of humour. He came back to the flat for tea with two of the Farriers.

September 10th Fri - Went down the launderette with Steve and then played guitar in the evening - I was still very much learning at this stage but there were some great guitar playing influences in the house! If only I could emulate them!

September 11th Sat - Free concert at  Highbury Park, Kings Heath with Brewer's Droop and Tea and Symphony, Patto, If. The two Jans from Coventry were there - one now living in Birmingham. Mus, Muffin and Pete King all there.

September 12th Sunday - Walked around Highbury Park with Steve Brimstone - went to the Bull in evening.

September 13th Mon - Stayed in writing, practising guitar.

September 14th Tues - Went went through to Cov - house hunting.

September 15th Wed - Had hair cut some more as it was hard to get a place if you had long hair!

September 16th Thurs - Went to Cov with  Steve Brimstone - tried hitching but no joy - got bus in the end. Stayed at Whitefriars Gate in Cov as Barry Bowerman's guest.

September 17th Fri - Took Steve Brim around Cov and home to my mum's. Steve went back to Brum to see his dad's friend folk singer Colin Scott perform. I went to see Dando's Shaft opera at the Belgrade Theatre - You Must be Joking (about the Cov entry car industry). Stayed at Whitefriars gate again.

September 18th Sat - Went flat hunting and with Steve Brim to the Umbrella club. went to a jumble sale at the Butts with Steve Brim - he bought a great jacket and cap and a fiddle all for 10/-. Went to Cross and stayed at the Gatehouse.

September 19th Sun - Went home for Sunday dinner - Willenhall Wood. Flat hunting in Earlsdon. Went to Golden Cross and Rose and Crown with Lyndie and Barry Bowerman. Met Heather from the Umbrella - Heather's let me stay at her place. House hunting not going well.

September 20th Mon - Heather came flat hunting with us in the morning - she knew some places. Went to the International Centre for coffee - below the old Cov Cathedral. Met Lyndie and Bruce there. Lyndie back to college. Went to Umbrella - practiced piano. Heather beginning to organise the Poetry and folk sessions at the Umbrella as Liz Lovatt. Now I could play guitar somewhat - I agreed to do some music and poetry spots. Later in 72  I would do the Humpoesic Happenings as a follow on. Heather's sessions were great and got me started performing with the guitar in some measure. Still wasn't singing my own songs - others but playing guitar and reciting some of my poems / lyrics at this stage.

September 21st Tues - Heather lent me Lord of the Rings. Went to International Centre with Heather - met the others for coffee - still all looking for a communal house to rent. Went to the festival cafe.. Evening practicing piano at the Umbrella. Met Angie at Umbrella. Stayed at Mick's pad that night.

September 22nd Weds - Went to the Lanch to get the phone number for the band Heron. Possible for the Umbrella now back in Cov. Terry Watson - Organiser of the Arts Umbrella suggested I enrol at Cov Music college after catching me doodling on the piano - so went down to see about enrolling. For whatever reason that I can't remember know - didn't enrol. We went to International Centre and then back to Brum - still bring things back slowly.

September 23rd Thurs - Went to Selly Park with Steve Brim. Steve bought a flagalette - playing some folk tunes on it. Went to the Bull in Moseley village for a drink in the evening.

September 24th Fri - Went for a very early morning walk with Steve Brim around Highbury Park as it was dawning. Wrote some images and notes that later found their way into an extended poem / performance piece based on Cannon Hill Park. Read part of Lord of the Rings - first chapter was so hard to get into - not as easy to read as the Hobbit. Steve advised me to skip the first - static descriptive chapter and come back to it later. The advice worked - it got me into it. Lyndie was still looking for a place in Cov but it didn't work out.

September 25th Sat - Cleaned rooms out and packed rest of stuff. Steve Brim decided to move back home as no place in Cov was forthcoming.

September 26th Sun - Went to Cov by train with Lyndie and Steve brim. Went to Umbrella. Al Docker just moved in to Ron Lawrence (bassist of  April and later Sniff and the Tears) cottage at Shilton. Al asked if I wanted to share the cottage with him. I arranged to go through and have a look. Meanwhile we all stayed at Al and Steve Varney's house in Henrietta St. They were DJ's at the Umbrella and later Al Varney would play bass for Fission.

September 27th Mon - We went to the Gay Gannet for breakfast. (This was a cafe in the centre of Coventry and the word Gay didn't have the same connotations back then that it has now!). Went to Walsgrave library, International Centre (one of the new meeting places in old Cathedral), the Rendezvous Cafe (Can't remember where that might be now!). Went home for lunch. Met Jackie and Louise in town.

September 28th Tues- Went home to Willenhall for food - took Steve Brimstone to hitching point at the top of the London Rd. went back to town - met up with Jackie and Louise and then went to Al Docker's Cottage to view it. In evening Al and I went to the Lanch to see Don Rendall 5 and Ra Ho Tep. Decided to move to Shilton. Steve Brimstone and Lyndie and some of the other Birmingham people would all end up living there at some stage over the next year but for now it was just myself and Al Docker at Shilton. There was a piano that was used by April, in the dining room and great walks to Bulkington, Bedworth and Ansty. However instead of walking 3 miles home to Willenhall, it was now 6 miles to walk home if I came home after the buses finished. It was nothing to walk those distances then and often I would use the time to write my lyrics.

September 29th Weds - Slept at home in Willenhall and met Al Docker in town 2.30 - went back to Shilton with him - had drink in the pub opposite - the locals seemed nice and friendly. We went in with Ron and Pat Lawrence.. In evening went to the Umbrella - met Lyndie there.

September 30th Thurs - Went to Brum to see Steve and Jan. Lyndie staying at the Gatehouse again. Went to the Intentional Centre with Heather. To official move to Shilton the next day.

October Fri 1st - Moved to a cottage in Shilton - about 3 miles from the outskirts of Coventry on the Leicester Rd. with  Al Docker - just the two of us at first. The cottage had been rented previously by Ron Lawrence and his Wife Pat. Ron was the bassist with the electric folk band - April (later Ron was in Sniff and the Tears for a while in the 1980's.). Al Docker's band Tsar were playing at Whitley Abbey School in Cov along with Flood. Fresh Maggots (Leigh and Gill) were there too. We took Dick home to Leamington. (not sure if Dick was a member of  Flood - will check with Dennis Burns)!

October Sat 2nd - Al Docker's party at Shilton. Gave the cottage a good clean up.

October Sun 3rd - Went home to Willenhall - then to Umbrella club - met drummer Steve Harrison and Chris ? - we wrote some songs.

October Mon 4th - Stayed at cottage - wrote a song and practiced on the cottage piano.

October Tues 5th - Went blackberrying with Al Docker over the fields. Al's group practised in the dining room - Charlie Bullen came over.

October Weds 6th - We went to Al's parents house and then to town and the Umbrella club. Met Jackie and Sam. Al and I went to see Keyboard player Tony Cross and guitarist Loz Netto play at a jazz session at the Smithfield Arms. (Tony Cross (who had played with Al and Loz in Love Zeus earlier in the year) was like a  Jools Holland before Jools Holland - jamming with the house band on Jazz piano and Loz jammed on lead guitar.).

October Thurs 7th - Went to Birmingham to see Steve Knopinski and the others from Vicarage Rd. They had moved to Pershore Rd. Later at the cottage Steve Varney - a DJ from the Umbrella club came around. Tsar were practicing. Later we went on a midnight hike in the country.

October Fri 8th - Went to town - and the Lanch but couldn't afford to get in so we went to the Tally Ho, Golden Cross and the Umbrella. Met Jackie and Sam and Ade Taylor (formerly of  Wandering John) - hung out with them in town. hitched home with Al.

October Sat 9th - Went to town - met up with Lyndie and the n Sam - Charlie Bullen's group practising at the Cottage in the evening.

October Sun 10th - Al and I made arty candles. Jackie and Sam coming through in afternoon. They didn't turn up but Pete and Gina did. Went to Al's parents for a meal. Al's dad gave us both a lift home.

October Mon 11th - Met Lyndie in town. Later Al and I sold candles at Lanch. Went to see Barry Bowerman at Whitefriars Gate. Went to Cross and Brolly. Guitarist John Alderson came back to Shilton for a jam.

October Tues 12th - Al Docker's birthday. Al went for job interview! Al's group practiced at the cottage in the evening while I did the washing up!

October Weds 13th. Rained and thundered - got soaked. Went in to the International Centre - met Clive and the King Henry 8th guys. Went to Festival cafe - Christine bought me a sandwich. Back to Shilton.

October Thurs 14th - Went to town with Al selling candles we made. Went early to the West End Club and helped Caravan load in the equipment. The new keyboard player - Steve Miller (not the guy of  Joker fame) told us he was from Nuneaton area. Met Caz and Jean (who I'd met last year at Pete Waterman's Walsgrave venue -doing the door) and keyboard player Martin Barter and Charlie Bullen there. Got a lift back to Shilton from Ron Lawrence.

October Fri 15th - Al went to Leamington. met Sally in town - went to cross and umbrella - later to the Tally Ho with Jackie and Sam and then to the Lanch Poly gig.

October Sat 16th - Ron Lawrence came around to cancel the Runestaff practice for Monday. I went to the Umbrella to met John Leopold about folk contacts for Umbrella gigs. Pete Webb also asked my help for contacts. Met Peta - went to the Lanch.

October Sun 17th  Stayed in writing and practicing piano all day.

October Mon 18th - Sandra's birthday. Runestaff - Al's Cov super group with ex April members Ron Lawrence and Bill Jackson, ex Indian Summer members Al Hatton and Roy Butterfield, Al on drums.

October Tues 19th - Went to see Heron at the Umbrella club - but they didn't turn up.

October Weds 20th - Al's group practice at  Templas School. Met Jackie Finch- she gave me some of her poems to type. Met Thelma too. Steve and Roy came to Shilton - evicted from house in Birmingham. Wanted to stay. Steve had been lead singer in a Birmingham band. Al agreed to them staying a while.

October Thurs 21st Mum's birthday. Steve and Roy helped to develop Al's candle trade -working towards a cottage industry - Bludor Candles.. Went to see my mother and then met up with Lyndie in town.

October Fri 22nd Went to town with Steve and Roy to get materials for candle making and then to Birmingham. Al went to Zeta's. I met up in the evening with Jackie and Sam - went to the Lanch.

October Sat 23rd Lyndie's birthday. Went to see her. Jan from the Birmingham moved in to the cottage as well - I met up with Lyndie - we stayed over at Al and Steve Varney's (two guys who did the disco at the Umbrella. Later Al was Bassist with Fission).

October Sun 24th John and Zeta at the Cottage with Al Big jam session at Shilton that night.

October Mon 25th Al's group practiced at the cottage. I worked on a sequence of poems saga-ising the coming's and goings at the cottage.

October Tues 26th I went to Al and Steve Varney's disco in Hillfields.

October Weds 27th  Steve Knopinski and Roy got proposal form for a loan to develop Bludor Candles. Kitchen was getting taken over with candle making! Lyndie gave me my 'famous' blue top shirt. I was wearing it in the pic Scon (Roadent) drew of me with the guitar by the side of  Lady Godiva.

October Thurs 28th - Went to see Lyndie's play at Brookland's Annexe (the drama college).

October Fri 29th Lyndie's second performance at Brookland's annexe.

October Sat 30th Went down town to see Lyndie. Wrote in the evening, practiced guitar and piano (as often when not out and about on the Cov Scene).

October Sun 31st - Tom Paxton at  De Montfort Hall in Leicester.

NOT NOW AN ENTRY FOR EVERYDAY - Some dates will be empty..

November Mon 1st - stayed in writing / practicing instruments - beginning to get serious on guitar and putting music to my lyrics.

November Tues 2nd - stayed in writing / practicing instruments

November Weds 3rd - stayed in writing / practicing instruments

November Thurs 4th - Went with Al Docker to Grantham on bus to see Jenny from the Umbrella club - she was studying there. However Jenny wasn't in Grantham so we stayed overnight there at some guy's house.

November Fri 5th - We explored Grantham early morning

November Sat 6th - Went to see folk singer Rosemary in town.

November Sun 7th - Al gave Steve and Roy 2 weeks notice to leave - the candle business wasn't working out and the candle wax was taking over the kitchen.

November Mon 8th Al's group Runestaff split up - last practice.

November Tues 9th Ex Indian Summer guitarist - Al Hatton came around to Shilton - stayed all day and night.

November Weds 10th  Al got a car - gave his girlfriend Peta a lift to town. Went down to Lyndies - we cooked a meal - staying at Al and Steve Varney's house in Alma St.

November Thurs 11th  Roy and Steve left Shilton. Went down to Alma street.

November Fri 12th -

November Sat 13th Lyndie came over to Shilton and later Al Ward.

November Sun 14th -

November Mon 15th  Steve Brimstone came up from Hemel Hemstead to stay for a while - we went to the Umbrella club.

November Tues 16th Went to Alma St. to see Lyndie and the Varney's

November Weds 17th  Took Steve Brimstone around Coventry centre - played guitars in evening - wrote a send up blues song.

November Thurs 18th  Lyndie moved in to the Shilton cottage.

November Fri 19th  Played guitar with Steve Brimstone, showed me some clawpicking on guitar.

November Sat 20th  We went to the Lanch Poly to see Arthur Brown. Jackie and Sandra and the two Jan's and Rosemary there. Arthur on form.

November Sun 21st Stayed in writing / practicing and jamming.

November Mon 22nd  Steve Brimstone's friend Tom came up from Hemel to stay. Went to the Umbrella Club - Jan coombs and Louise and Rosemary there.

November Tues 23rd Stayed in writing and jamming.

November Weds 24th Bought Bob Dylan / Band / Neil Young / Joni Mitchell songbooks to develop guitar playing.

In the evening had a 'happening' with people choosing poems to read / playing songs / making food / with candles / joss sticks and peace vibes / creativity.

November Thurs 25th..............Skip to -

November Tues 30th Sent a Merry Always Card to 100 music contacts in Cov (instead of the usual Birthday Card) including one to Scon (Roadent as he was later known with the Clash) - this was the first contact with him that carried through most of 1972 - meeting in around the Wimpy bar and the Lanch Poly gigs.

Skip to -

December Fri 3rd - went to town with  Steve Brimstone - met up with Paul Tranter - then Jackie and Sandra and Louise.

December Sat 4th - Went to Lanch Poly gig - Osibisa on - Clive - Sandra, Jackie.

December Sun 5th  Jackie and Sandra coming to the the cottage (but didn't turn up). Steve Brimstone and I delivered Merry Always Cards to contacts - walked from Shilton to Lenton's Lane.

December Mon 11th Lyndie cut my hair - was trying for a new job.

December Tues 12th Lyndie went to Kenilworth. Ade Taylor and friends came up to jam - he had switched from bass which he played in Wandering John to rhythm guitar. He taught me how to do barre chords. Over the next week I practiced them day and night until my fingers were tougher. It was on a Spanish so it was harder to learn than on the Electric. Steve Knopinski got me playing some of the songs in the Band song book which utilised a lot of the chords. My favourite at the time was  I Shall be Released. Over the last year I had mastered guitar and chords and arpeggios on the piano -started writing songs on guitar and piano instead of just lyrics, mastered basic clawpicking thanks to Steve Brimstone and Lyndie (who lent me her guitar to learn), had put music to some of the lyrics written before I played guitar. I never had any formal lessons but learnt bits from a range of Cov musicians or by watching them play at the many gigs I went or by jamming. I began branching out from lyrics to write poetry and humourous sketches and had done by first poetry gigs and played some of my songs live. The live performance side didn't get going properly until autumn 1972. I'd organised gigs and experimental poetry and music sessions at the Umbrella, assisted Pete Waterman with the Walsgrave in the early part of the year. Had built up a range of contacts on the Coventry music scene which set the basis for creating Hobo magazine. Organised my first festival - the Music Marathon (albeit that it had to be cancelled owing to lack of support from the local authority in terms of venue. The diary only sketches over much of it and gives a sense of chronology but it was a foundation year for me kind of!

December Mon 13th Was asked to do a Poetry reading (alongside Adrian Mitchell) at the Colin Campbell for the Lanchester Polytech Arts Feb in Feb 1972 (which I did). That was two festival I read at that year - Warwick University Arts Fest earlier in the year and this one. I was mostly writing song lyrics at this stage rather than straight poems but used some of the lyrics also as performance poems. Later on went to see Lance.

December Tues 14th - Lyndies play started at the Butts Tech College. Met Reta on bus and later met Scon (later called Roadent) in the Wimpy bar. He kept a booklet of his poems on him and wrote new ones in it - I started the Communications Books at this time - taking them around like a cyber blog - with others writing in poems / lyrics / thoughts / graphics etc or communicating. Scon / Roadent was one of the most regular contributors, along with Lyndie and Sue from Birmingham.

December Weds 15th.
Received cards on Jan Gage and Jan Coombs, John Alderson, Mojo Tony Morgan etc. Got letter off Sue from Birmingham - during 1972 we would hitch around a lot to Devon and Nottinghamshire and became longstanding friends after we both moved to different places. Sue later helped with one of the issues of  Hobo with finance and support. Met Egg (Hilary) who had this great silken lilac dress coat ( best I can describe it) on. Went to Steve and Al Varneys' and then the U&mbrella club.

December Thurs 16th Went to see Lyndie's play at the Butts tech (more info in the section on Brooklands Annexe - see Hobo Index). Later went to see Patto at the Umbrella Club.

December Fri 17th

Down to read at the poetry event for the Lanch Poly Arts fest on Jan 29th 1972

Skinheads around everywhere in town!

December Sat 18th
Met Scon / roadent in the Belgrade Theatre with his book of poems. Met Jackie and Sandra - hung out with them the rest of the evening.

December Sun 19th
Ade Taylor (Wandering  John bassist was going to come up to the cottage for a jam. Didn't turn up.

December Sat 20th
Went to town - hung out with  Maggie from the Umbrella - evening it was mistletoe madness - Jackie and Sandra and Heather at Umbrella. Stayed there until 2am.

Skip to -

December Tues 22nd Got over 30 cards from the Cov scene so far and Jacky's today.Went to town - Sandra, Melve Preece, Lance, Steve were there.

December Weds 23rd
Steve Brimstone went back to Hemel Hemstead.

December Thurs 24th
Got card off my dad.

Went to town - Christmas spirit - got merry. Met Sue and Lyn in Tally Ho - went to the Jag. Many people around.

December 25th Fri
Spent Christmas with my family - practiced poems ready for the Lanch gig.
Plough Club (Silk Disco) closed down Sunday 2nd Jan 1972.

This is last part of the diary. I've excluded more of the personal side of the diary and some of the similar entries but hopefully it gives a glimpse of the scene in that year - they type and number of bands and venues, some of the characters and musicians. So were later world famous and others would be known to people who view this blog on a regular basis. It gives a glimpse of my own development on the music scene - developing as both a writer and musician and organiser.