Tuesday, March 21, 2017


STYLUSBOY by Pete Clemons

Ploughing his own furrow for a good number of years on the local circuit, and beyond, has been Steve Stylusboy.

Gradually, and over time, Stylusboy has built up a devoted following. Once heard you do tend to stick by him.

Steve songs cover love, family even mishaps. They can be melancholic yet they do not contain a hint of malice or anger. They are heartfelt and real and the type that you can quite easily connect with.

Not only that but they have a positive feel. Escapism maybe, but they do leave you with a feeling of hope.

In terms of gigging Stylusboy has headlined his own shows, supported major artists, a regular at the Godiva festival and, if you provide the refreshments for the evening, will even play in your own front room.

Hearing acoustic music, played well and performed in an intimate venue with an appreciative audience really is a delight and Stylusboy is no exception to this.

Stylusboy began his career in music playing guitar and bass for a variety of bands. Eventually though he settled on the stripped down sound of just him and his guitar and began to create his own blend of folk music.

During 2009 he released his self-produced debut EP – Fingerprint, which was mostly recorded and mixed in his lounge and a local community centre.

His second EP, ‘Blue Whale Session’, was recorded at Birmingham’s Blue Whale studios and released during 2010.

There then appeared a 6 track EP, ‘The Whole Picture’, released by Lazy Acre Records during 2011.

Since then Stylusboy has now settled in at Wild Sound Recordings. And Wild Sound has released his debut album ‘Hospitality for Hope’ along with an EP titled ‘Lantern’.

In the time since its release ‘Hospitality for Hope’ has received great acclaim.

In December 2015 Stylusboy released the ‘Christmas Light’ EP, where he added his own take to traditional carols, and a live album ‘Tales from Home’,

Most releases are usually accompanied by unique handmade sleeves created and put together by Steve himself.

Now you would think that Steve was a lover of vinyl to settle on a name such as Stylusboy. Well he is but that is of no relevance here. 

It all came about when Steve was creating an email address a number of years ago. The inspiration for the name actually came when he was sat in front of an Epson Colour Stylus printer. And the moniker just seemed to fit well when he went out to perform.

Stylusboy recently described 2016 as ‘a great musical year’. He has been busy songwriting and developing his sound and how he wants to sound as an artist. New projects are planned for 2017 and I suspect gigs are inevitable. You could do worse with your time if you didn’t pay him a visit.


Website - http://www.stylusboy.co.uk/biog

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