Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh What a Night! - The Four Seasons Coventry Gig!

Pete Clemons hammers the keyboard with another gem for the Coventry Telegraph - This time it concerns and non-Coventry band and the story of their appearance in Coventry.

A couple of Corrections from Martin Bird

Hello Pete,

My father was at the Matrix ballroom the night The Four Seasons apparently didn't play. They were late arriving because they got lost and did actually play three or four songs before being asked to leave the stage due to 'Lords Day observancy'. Dad says they were brilliant despite the short set. There were some protests however after the band left the stage and a young man (who my father worked with at Alfred Herberts) kicked the drum kit over. The disgruntled audience were all offered tickets for a Wednesday night show by Bee Bumble and the Stingers. Dad saw many bands at the Matrix during the 60s - Beatles/Stones. He recalls with relish, seeing a Birmingham band called Danny Kings Mayfair Set at the Sportsmans in Allesley too. John Mayalls Blues Breakers at the police ballroom Little Park Street was another gig he was fortunate to attend.

Anyway, I hope this corrects a few points.
All the best,  Martin Bird

From Pete Clemons

Hi Martin,

That's great feedback.

I'm happy to be wrong in relation to fact that the Four Seasons did actually 3 or 4 numbers after they finally arrived. I must admit that the info I had was inconclusive as to if the band played or not!

However I do have a newspaper clipping where Terry Blood, the promoter mentions that free tickets were given away for a Jerry Lee Lewis gig.

To my knowledge B.Bumble only played Cov the once and that was in 1962 (The Four Seasons gig was 1963) so your info there was quite was useful.

As was the fact B.Bumble played on a Wednesday. The only gigs I had ever known for the Matrix were on Fridays and Saturdays.

I will do some more research on this -

The feedback was great to see though.

Thanks again - Pete Clemons.

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